Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's perhentian time babe!

and tonight i'm going to perhentian island!
cantik! ;)

to be honest,i've no money to spend on this trip.
unless i 'korek' february's saving,
which is a heartbreaking thing to do.
nampaknya,my target to save up 4k before the start of the new semester is doomed.

but then,
i remembered the gloomy days i had months back.
i relied on these guys to cheer me up,
to make me laugh through my tears,
to make me happy despite the heartache.
so what is money compared to their support when i need it most?
so after millions of pujuk rayu,
i gave in.
although i really hope more will join us tonight.

perhentian,here we come!

p/s- hey kalau aku takde duit bukak sem ni,korang kena support financially ok?
bukan morally jek tau!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's unfair,but..

i know it is a bit unfair to ask someone too much, especially when that person is not blood-related.
i even cannot ask so many things from my own mak, asking to do this and to do that.
though most of the times she'll just give in.
but sometimes it can be too much.
i bloody know it is unfair.

i just want people to do something for me.
because they care for me.
because they love me.
because they don't wanna hurt my feelings.
because they want to do it,
not because i ask for it.

is that too much to ask?

because i'm willing to do that for the people i love.

* i hope everything is worth the effort,because i really hope for it*

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the fabulous four!

i've to admit,during schooldays i was a bit annoyed when my friends started to be over-loving and over-caring and acted overly-cute when they met little kids eg. anak cikgu or our friend's little bro or sis.
i mean,come on,biasa-biasa je sudah.
so not wanting to be left out of this children-lovers circle, i pretended to like kids as well.
ye la,tak nak la kena cop cold-hearted pulak.
in other words,i was the one being fake at that time.

but then, it was back then when there was no one to cuddle in the family.
it was magical how the presence of a tiny new family member could melt my heart.
now i'm a proud aunty to the FABULOUS FOUR.
and i love kids soo much now!
*for real,of*

have i mentioned i'm a proud Syina to the FABULOUS FOUR?;p
i think i'll forever be Syina to them.
Syina=Cik Ina.
 cool,isn't it?
how many of the aunties out there got to be called Syina?

so here,MR FABULOUS #1
Danish aka NanoNano
he's so naughty that i always feel like 'babab'ing him.
but he's so charming at times and a total genius too.
tidak dilupakan pandai membodek juga.
terutama masa mintak

Aleesa aka Si Kledek
i don't know where the name Kledek comes from.
must be when she first tried to walk.
she's always a sweetie.
soothes the headache caused by danish.

Safiyyah aka Si Muka Pau
see the cheeks,so pau-lookalike!
the only princess of cik iii.
and dressed like a princess too!

lastly,MR FABULOUS #4
Lutfi aka Lupidoopedoo
the littlest of the family.
and most special too.
always being bullied by the big bro danish and big sis aleesa.
at one time aleesa even put a balloon on his mouth and told him
'lutfi,tiupkan belon utk eisya.please please please???'

perangai pelik-pelik pun,syina sayang korang semua!
sayang syina in return tau?

Monday, February 8, 2010

can u get any cuter?

last saturday akak and the family went home and i was ecstatic to meet the three supercute kiddos.
they are so cute that u cant get enough of them.
here goes one of their (danish sebenarnya) weird but cute cute cute conversation:

danish: eyyyy syina!ada cicak la.ada two cicak!
syina: ohhh ye la ada two cicak.big kan cicak tu?
danish:haah big!yg big tu ayah cicak, yg tu pulak ibu ehhh syina,ade one more la!ada danish cicak la!*grinning excitedly*
syina: waa danish cicak pun ade!tp...iesya cicak xde pun.dia pergi mana?
danish: eisya cicak dgn lutfi cicak ade kat rumah dia..dia tgh tgk tv,cite ben 10..*saying this as a matter of fact*

hahahahaha brilliant!so cute!
i wish my kids are much much cuter and much much genius ;p 

syina loves u guys so much!

Friday, February 5, 2010

it's all worth it

life holds so many secrets we always desire or dread to know.sometimes the secrets are revealed right in front of us, though at no time we wish for them.sometimes the secrets are long kept that they become mysteries to us.but,life is indeed a is fascinating to unveil the unknowns one by is also terrifying.i've learnt, however hard you try to break open a secret, no matter how much force you put on it,if it's not meant to reveal itself, it shall not then.why?it's all the matter of time.we're ruled by Allah, we are.whenever Allah deems appropriate, He shall show it to simple as,patience is the key.
have you ever had a very strong desire to do something,and everybody around you are totally against it?
you want to do it so badly,hoping that doing so will not leave you feeling regret in future?
you want it because you feel it is the right thing to do, though people keep saying you're being stupid?
you don't care for the consequences,be it happy of sad, at least you actually know how the ending is?

when you do not do it,you don't know what twists and turns life will give may get good may also get deadly twist.depends on what Allah has prepared for us.whatever it is,just do it,you never know what awaits ahead.

the recent trip took unexpected turns.never once in my mind i dared to think of what i'd gone through gamble my heart,pride and safety for what i deemed right sort of paid off.the people were extremely nice,i couldn't ask for better people to be with.the feelings were mixed,but to have them around lightened the gloomy days.

thank you makcik and pakcik for having me in the share with me how you raised six successful kids despite the difficulties,to go against people's insults and jeers, you made me feel appreciated.thank you for sharing with me the secrets of finding ambal,showing me the sawah and tirelessly treated me with kindness.i'll always remember 'ina bukan orang lain pun.makcik dah anggap macam anak sendiri dah'.

thank you awa and kak eda for always being concern and caring.for spending time with me and made me felt less awkward in many difficult moments.although i knew i left you torn apart a few times when i acted inappropriately,you treated me all the same.not to forget,thank you yan for always be there for me and made me felt comfortable, though you barely knew was a miracle that we clicked right away after meeting.

thank you abg razak and kak aisyah for putting so much effort to make me happy.thank you for making me felt more like a sister than an outsider.although i never dreamed of it to become reality (of course i dreamed about it,many times), your faith had kept my spirit high.

thank you friends for forever being concern and supportive.thank you tiqz,najat,anwar,brian,abi,rizzal,syukey,niza,intan,izzat,nisaa for believing in what i did.though words of anger and frustration came out, i knew it was all because you cared.i need you to be my support system in many years to come,during moments of highs and lows.i may do bigger mistakes in future,but i need you to curse at me,to hug me,to cry with me,to laugh out loud with me.special thanks to azim for making me see things on the bright side every time.

i believe a new chapter has begun.
i shall be a better and stronger woman.
i shall fight for what i want.
with the support and faith of the people i appreciate so much,i know things cannot be worse than before.

*believe that everything happens for a reason(s).it's up to us to see it in which angle*