Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BACK! Safe & Sound :)

i'm back from indonesia,after a 7-day trip to jakarta and bandung.
what else can i say?

indonesia rocks!

though there were some flaws here and there during the trip,
overall i shall say the trip was life-changing and motivational at the same time.
was harmful to the pocket as well.
iye la,semua benda pun kena bayar.
but to think on the positive side,
we're actually distributing the wealth to the needy right?

more updates on the trip later,
i shall get a nice comfy bed to bum bum on now.

hopefully a good night sleep will make my head see things clearer.
to think better.
if i were to go on with the plan,
hopefully the sincerity will not cause false alarm.
one more day left  to decide.
tick tock tick tock..


Saturday, January 9, 2010

one fine,boring saturday..

it is a bright, sunny saturday..

kenapakah saya ada di bilik seorang diri?
report dan presentation practical punya pasal la ni..
kalau tak mesti tengah jalan-jalan mana-mana ke..
tak pun kat rumah akak main dengan budak-budak kecik tu..
koman-koman balik rumah jumpa mak dan abah..

tak seronoknya tinggal sorang-sorang kat rumah ni! 

menyesal pulak tak ikut uzair and the gang pergi picnic kat chilling..
tak siap kerja pun at least tak la bosan sangat macam sekarang..

air terjun yang sejuk dan nyaman..huaa!

bosan-bosan ni,jumpa satu video yang supercute :D
dah lama dah pun benda ni..
saya ni outdated sikit..
benda lama-lama baru la nak minat..

 comel gila, i like!

semoga hari ini tidak terus membosankan.


Friday, January 1, 2010

the good, the bad and the new year

1 january 2010
two zero one zero


how fast time passes..
i remembered thinking these on 1 january 2009
 'what will happen throughout this year?
every semester ada essay kena buat,tahun ni apa tajuk dia?
(nerd mode)
this year ada orang nak celebrate birthday ina tak?
(perasan mode)
oh alamak this year ina akan jadi 21 la!*cemas cemas!*
(tak nak jadi tua punya pasal)
apa gossip panas artis2 malaysia tahun ni?
(ni tipu je)
celebration 2010 macam mana pulak nanti?'

basically,lamanya nak endure setahun lagi....zZzz
tup tap it's new year again!

unlike any other years,2009 had brought myriad series of memories worth remembering and worth being buried deep in the core of earth.
there were so much drama.
so much joy.
so much pain.
so much tears.
all blended together to paint a colourful episode of 2009.

new resolution?
new year resolution is lame for me.
you have every reason in the world to start anew any second of the day.
why wait all the way until new year to start up?
everyday is a new day.
taste it,feel it,savour it.
you'll get different flavour everyday.

if you mess up a day,
you don't have the chance to turn back time or pretend it's just a bad dream.
like christmas movies where you wake up five times and it's still christmas and you get to fix here and there to get the perfect christmas ever.
what's left to be done is just rock on the next day.
isn't everyday a new day?

12 months of 2009 taught me valuable lessons.
the best thing is i found myself and my purpose in life.
what awaits me this year will definitely be life transitioning.
biasa la,when some things end,others will commence.
and some things we don't see them coming.
but no man has ever injured his eyesight when looking on the bright side of things.

head straight,chin up!
i'm gonna brace it all,with family and friends to hold on.
together with Allah's guidance.
bukan ke hidup ini semata-mata untuk mendapat keredhaan-Nya? :)

happy new year!