Monday, May 9, 2011

Wish upon God (not star)

I've always had this ideal image of a woman I'd like to be;
- an obedient daughter that wont have the heart to hurt the parents,
- a strong wife that would stand by the husband through thick and thin
(with the image of Wan Azizah staying by Anwar through all the difficult times in my mind),
- a protective and loving mother that is able to care and guide the family in this worldly world.

All in all, I'm saying that I wanna be a good person, as a good person will totally do all of the mentioned.

How to become good?
By becoming closer to God.

Thinking deep, I should be really grateful of what I have and what I'm experiencing now. It's a preparation to achieve all those traits I want. It's a path to eternal bliss. Definitely not straight as ruler, nor smooth as silk. Good things come to those who have faith, those who believe.

It's the road less taken, but it's the road that should be taken.

Pray for me.

*People that change after a certain occasion in their life are not hypocrite, they just need something to hit them bad to wake up. And this is my wake up call (hopefully). InsyaAllah.