Saturday, March 13, 2010

i'm 80% kid,20% adult

it has been 2 weeks since the start of the new semester.
which is the final semester for me.
how fast time passes.

seriously,these 2weeks feels like 2days for me.
hu ha hu ha with friends,
going back and forth to classes (which are often 15-20minutes later than supposedly),
chitchatting endlessly everyday (in which i love so much ;D ),
sleeping 8hours per day,
yet,leaving the most important part behind:assignments.
life is indeed a heaven right now ;p
but in 10 more weeks,i'll no longer be a student.
how weird that feeling is,
for i've always be a student all my life.
16 years out of my 22 years.
and i'm going to end it in just 10 weeks!
then life's all work and marriage and kids and more responsibilities :-S
(the marriage part,i dont really mind.haha)

i wish i dont have to grow up.

i still think of myself as abah's little girl.
waiting for him to fetch me up every evening at school,
while eating rojak buah or ice cream with my three bestfriends.
hiding under his table when i insisted to follow him to work.
proudly showing him my report card with 1/40 remark.

i still think of myself as mak's little girl.
the one mak tagged along to office,
making her smile endlessly when i told her friends i got first place in class.
screaming my lungs out at her when i got my first pierce.

i still think of myself as a little girl.
who starts to be a bookworm by reading doraemon at the age of 5.
who still thinks life is a fairytale,
and one day my prince charming will fight off a dragon to save me.
who has to be caned for not wanting to go to school because that day is mengaji day.
who plays ice cream soda pepsi cola under the tree beside the giant tong sampah.
who stinks badly after a whole day at school 
(which i think all school kids are,so shouldnt exclude myself ;p)

when i was 2 i think

think and think,
i can still be a kid at heart,at least.

(can i be like peter pan,please please please?)

*dear green alien,i love it when i can be a little girl to u.sorry if i annoy u much.hehe..