Friday, July 16, 2010

that's it!

the result is out,and i'm freaking out.
this is the matter of life and death.

i made it!


now i'm officially the degree holder of
Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), 
Monash University.

.: special thanks to mak abah for the endless doa and unconditional love; 
.: akak,iii and adik for the continuous support; 
.: majied for being the shoulder to lean on, your love and patience are what i prized dearly; 
.: beloved friends that have been through ups and downs throughout this 4 years together-
najat, niza, mayna, rizzal, halim, syukey, wanie, tiqz, brian, peoz, alen, nabel, faten, alep etc, 
your friendships give me strength to achieve this; 
.: everybody that i met along the journey, you certainly give colours to my dull life.

next in line- kerja, kahwin (liking this